Handmade initial Keychain is something everyone connects with and feel it a special article to gift to others. We handcraft a complete set of A-Z in a single design, and as the time goes on, we are left with few pieces in every Collection.


Handmade Bookmarks made in a vast range of  designs to pick from ! Every piece is unique in its own way ! No 2 handmade pieces look exactly same. Enjoy their uniqueness and gift your loved ones something they will cherish for life!


Rose preservation/ varmala garland Preservation/ special flowers preservation / bouquet preservation or any kind of special flowers like Pooja flowers or blessings can be preserved in the form of different pieces. We preserve your special flowers/ Varmala garlands/ Bouquets/ Letters/ Wedding cards/ Special letters, gifts or anything else you want to encase / preserve till eternity !

Home Decor 

Handmade Angel wings

If you are looking for something unique and elegant to adorn your living area then the showpieces are an ideal choice, and if we add this set of 2 Angel wings showpiece, that would be the cherry on a cake. This artistic piece certainly makes the best gift choice as well ! It is available in different color combinations !

Handmade Tealight holder

The druzy inspired tealight holder designed in this elegant shape and color combination that makes it rich enough for counting it in luxe gifting options. Other shapes and patterns also available. You can scroll through our page for a wide range of shapes, patterns & designs that you can get your hands on !

Handmade 3D Ocean theme Wall clock

Here’s the Wall clock that stand out . It’s our unique creation made with unique handmade water creatures , small pebbles, shells and everything else to give a unique ocean view. The clock is fully functional and can be made as wall hung or can be clubbed with a stand to make it the perfect pick for you !